The Twisted Sands- Chapter 7

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The Twisted Sands- Chapter 7

The desert was hot and forbidding. Kai could no longer move. His Thyla moved for him.

Any water they found was too dangerous or dirty to drink. Many more cannibals like the man from before wandered out and tried to kill them. What the desert could do to a person was unforgettable.

“I see haphis’s base!” Cutter shrieked. He crawled through the sand until he came to a rock. It was a mirage.

“Cutter, get up.” Nox begged.

“Just let me die here, Nox...” he sighed. He fell asleep, and Nox began dragging him along.


“Forget about those stupid meddling people.” Haphis said to himself. “You’ll defeat the guardian and you’ll ascend.” He was walking alone in the dunes, off to the sunken city. The coliseum. The statue of the guardian. No, the statue of the Manticore.

Ten human skeletons were spread out across the coliseum. Haphis had seen more and more human bones the longer he stayed in the desert. Something big was going on. Something big was coming.

“I don’t care what’s happening.” Said Haphis.

“Fool!” He said back to himself. “We must prepare- AAAAUGH!!!” The warlord let out a corrupted cry of pain. The corruption on his body spread slightly. Huge black spikes grew on the parts of his back where the corruption was.

Haphis finally understood.

The beast that was coming was him.

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