’s sad story time, people.

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I was at my bog biome base breeding Bloodstalkers and I found one that appealed to me at first sight, with its cool orange color (not mutated, maybe the parents had the same color but I couldn’t see it.) I fully imprinted it and took it to the Arctic for a test run. I got several levels on it, and soon enough, it was a beast with 10k health. So I decided to go to the Volcano to do some missions. I settled on the Magmasaur egg stealing mission on gamma difficulty as a nice easy test run. As I stepped into the cave, my Bloodstalker tore through countless high level arthros, scorpions, magmas and even a rock golem! (He was doing extra damage because of the mission.) Eventually, he was pretty low on health, so I healed him a bit. Then we made it to the egg cavern, and I saw the egg. I also saw twenty Magmasaurs guarding it. I thought I could take them down, but they pushed me into the lava. I made it out of the lava, kentros, magmas, arthros charging at me, and then...

I died. The lava had damaged my character too, and I died right off my Bloodstalker’s back-or, well, arms. All I could see before the respawn screen appeared was a horde of Dinos attacking my Bloodstalker, who fought till the end. I respawned in my bog base and looked at my other Bloodstalkers. I swear, I will breed a Bloodstalker so strong it can go into that cave and kill every creature there, especially the Magmasaurs.

Rip unnamed Bloodstalker

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