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I am a huge dinosaur and prehistoric animal nerd.

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I am a huge dinosaur and prehistoric animal nerd. So I heard about this creature and I looked it up. I found numerous videos about “Tusoteuthis taming!” “Taming Tusoteuthis in ark!”

I was like, what is this amazing game? I downloaded it on my iPad and started playing. (December 2019.)

I started playing ark just because of the Tuso, and for over a year, I still hadn’t seen one. Then, in FEBRUARY 2021, I finally saw a Tuso when I was swimming on my dolphin on the island (I started playing pc as well as mobile btw.) I saw an ALPHA SQUID and I totally freaked out.

Now, just the other day, I tamed my first Tuso with pearls on Genesis. It is a beautiful blue color and is OP, so I named it Havoc!


🆙if you like tusos

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