Unicorn Tales- a short story by Swamp Guy

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Unicorn Tales- a short story by Swamp Guy

So I’m on mobile and I have my base around the Footpaw area, at the West Zone 1 spawn point. I wanted to find and tame a Diplocaulus so I went to the swamp. I kept on searching but I couldn’t find one so I decided to keep on journeying. I kept to the shadows, unsure of where I was actually going.

Eventually, I made it to a small unnamed mountain in the Eastern Plains. I began to climb, until I finally saw an Equus near the peak.

But it wasn’t an ordinary Equus...

I managed to get a photo of the magnificent Unicorn before it ran away. I stumbled around until I somehow managed to get to Fars Peak. There I had suffered extreme fall damage, and I was killed by a saber tooth.

That is my story...

Hope you like

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