The Twisted Sands- Chapter 4

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The Twisted Sands- Chapter 4

Haphis looked around. Where was he? He didn’t see his army anywhere. What he did see was a Deathworm coming out of the ground.

“Commander Haphis, wake up!” A soldier shook him. “There’s a group of people coming for our camp.”

Haphis looked out the window of the small Adobe base. Three Wyverns, two Thorny Dragons, three kapros-

Haphis didn’t have to count. He knew who these people were.

“We know you’re in here!” Chiron yelled.“Get out and face us!”

Haphis thought silently for a minute. He pressed a button.

Ten Rock Golems came running at them from out of nowhere. Hurling boulders, smashing everything. Kai yelled something before a Boulder knocked him off his Wyvern, but no one heard him.


Arciro jumped as the Defense Units appeared out of the darkness. He and his Parasaur were no match for the robots. He had nowhere to run.

Suddenly, spikes flew into the defense units. Hundreds of small spikes.

The shooters were frilled raptor things. Arciro had seen one before, on the edge of the Desert Dome.

“Where’s our thanks?!” One of the riders laughed. They all wore Tek armor, completely obscuring their faces.

“Uh...thanks.” Arciro said.

“I don’t trust these guys.” Whispered Sanko. Sanko was the HomoDeus, the ascended being in Arciro’s mind who had resurrected him on earth.

“Quiet, you. They saved me, so I trust them.” Arciro thought.

“Fine.” Said Sanko. “That’s just fine.”

Arciro had a bit more protection, at least. But his saviors did seem a bit...strange.


Sean rubbed his head. “You mean the Aberration Cave?” He asked the man.

“No.” He replied. “I’ve heard stories of a place like that in another ARK. I think it was called Valguero.”

“That’s where I’m from.” Sean chuckled.

“This is true aberration.”

“I see.”

“Shut up.” The man whispered.


The man pointed to a three pronged plant sticking out of the ground. They were in some sort of device, like the one in the Valguero cave.

“That’s just a plant.” Sean was confused.

“You obviously have a lot to learn.” The man threw a dodo at the plant. Except it wasn’t a plant.

A massive snake burst out of the ground, attacking with balls of posion-and a three pronged tail.

“This is a Basilisk.”

“I see.”

“Well, let me teach you a few more things about the caverns.”

Footnote by Swamp Guy: I will be starting a new story in Basilisk. It’ll be called “Dark Extinction.” It’ll cover Arciro and Sean’s separate adventures. Happy Reading :p

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