The twilight ARK chapter 1.

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The twilight ARK chapter 1.

He woke up in a small sandy depression in the ground, around him was a plain, spreading in all directions, surrounding it in a crescent on one side were snow-capped mountains, the sun was shining halfway over the horizon, entirely still.

There was a shrieking sound, somewhat like ten live vultures being plucked with red hot tongs,

He looked around to see a whole flock of creatures that looked like huge black pterodactyls, the lead creature screeched again and brought it's sharp beak down on him, he scrambled away just in time as the beak plunged deep into the ground, whipping up a cloud of sand,

But the other beasts had cornered him now, even as their stunned comrade pulled their beak from the floor.

But just then somebody or something burst from the grass, climbed one monster's back, and plunged something sharp through it's chest, a sword.

The person suddenly grew a pair of feathered wings and flapped into the air,

The creatures that were still alive followed,

The winged person swooped downward so close to the colossal flying monsters that they ended up bumping into eachother and falling to the ground in a pile.

the person or creature's wings folded away again, making an odd chirping noise.

"Come on, follow me. We need to get somewhere safe before something else finds us" they said and set off in the direction of a large tree.

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