Spindly Spider the blood stalker

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Spindly Spider the blood stalker

Ah yes, my first blood stalker. I had spent awhile on gen 2 with a snow owl getting the blood bags, and finally i had enough. I flew out on my jet pack, trying to find a blood stalker that didnt have dangerous stuff around it. And finally i found one. I let it suck me in and started taming it. And finally it was tamed! I shot webs and immediately got out of rockwells garden. At some point i transfered him to my valgureo save and he stayed there for a bit. I even tranfered him to a cousins world! And eventually i wanted to try to get a magmasaur egg. So i went out and tamed a female and bred them so id have backups. I took spindly spider over to the volcano, thinking i was fine. But when i went in, i started dying of heat, and i brought no food to heal! So i set down a campfire to cook some meat, when i died to an arthroplura! I relogged, but when i logged back in, because i had tranfered him, and THEN relogged, it hadnt saved yet and spindly spider got deleted... i was so sad, he had helped me with so much, even building my new base! And yet he died to me being dumb......

So thats the tale of Spindly Spider. R.I.P Spindly Spider.


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