Ember the Thyla

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Ember the Thyla

So, ladys and gents, take your seats, for i will tell you the tale of Ember the Thyla

There once was a survivor, riding on their ferocious ice wyvern, searching for a tree hugger. She had originally knock one out, but alas, she had forgoten narcotics! She flew home, but when she came back, it was nowhere to be found... she was heart broken, and when she checked her wyverns inventory, she had bio toxin! She was infuriated, and vowed she would find one.


5 years later


She had done it! She had found a tree hugger! She slapped her wyvern and it grabbed the tree hugger. She flew to a safe area and knocked it out. She hunted down a sheep and cooked its mutton on a campfire. Once it was cooked she fed the tree hugger and it was up! She climbed back onto her wyvern and took off for a U turn. Once it was lined up, she slapped the wyvern and it snatched the tree hugger in its claws. She flew back to base and slapped a saddle on it. She rode it around, testing its limits. She never really used it, and eventually she moved base. she transfered it for a misson, and when she can back, it had 70 levels! It became stronger, but alas, she still never used it, its only use was an outside cat. Though every once and awhile, she took him out to hug some trees.

So that is the tale of Ember the Thyla, i hope you have money, for my show aint cheap PAY UP! (Not really)


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