Hailstorm the ice wyvern

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Hailstorm the ice wyvern

Ah yes, my favorite wyvern i have. So, my main map is valguero. As soon as i got a pterodon saddle, i headed to the wyvern trench. This was my first map ive gotten very far in, so i was nervous. See, on xbox, if you quit ark while still on the world, it takes you back to your last save. So if you die, you can go back to your last save, just dont log out, because that saves it. Anyways, it took me a few relogs, but i finally got one, a level 16 ice wyvern egg. I grabbed it and immediately flew out of there as quick as possible. When i turn around, there were no wyverns chasing me! I quickly flew home and researched how to hatch it. Now i was on single player, and thought it take forever to hatch. So i put it down, and took like 30 mins! And then, after all i went through to get that egg, i stayed with it until it was grown. Even thought he was low level, i still loved him. I took him everywhere, but i was extremely careful, i didnt even take him into the wyvern trench for a while. After a few days of him being an adult, i went out and got him a girlfriend. After that, we went through so much. We even got hit by the only giga Ive seen on my world. I was so scared because it took out half of his health! After that, we went out on a mission, i had gotten fire wyverns and ice wyverns, but none high level. So we went in and came out with a fire wyvern egg that was around 180! After it hatched, i didnt want to lose hailstorm, so i used that one instead. I got its melee up so high, sometimes it did 1,000 damage! I named it ark jumper, because i transfer it between arks alot. To this day hailstorm is with me, watching over my base. He os my all time favorite dino, we have so many memories, if he died, i would relog as fast as the speed of sound, and if it saved just as he died, i would cry for weeks on weeks. So yeah, thats the story of hailstorm, my favorite child! Peace!✌


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