Draconis tales chapter 29

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Draconis tales chapter 29

"These moths seem to be bringing whatever is glowing to this tree in return for food from it" Bluefeathers said, just then, the sound of water rushing followed by a hiss of steam echoed through the cave "TROPICAL HEIRS!" Bluefeathers said, quickly camouflaging and scuttling towards the sound, Lupus followed the rock drake, to find a green crystal wyvern at the entrance, steam rising out of it's mouth.

Obsidian was nearby, getting ready to flame the wyvern, the wolf, still glowing blue, leapt at it, as the wolf bit the heir, the blue glow spread into it's scales, "wait! I have an idea, get the heir into the cave with the tree!" Bluefeathers's voice said from somewhere to the left,

Doing as they were told, Obsidian and Lupus pushed the crystal wyvern, then ran into the tunnel with the tree, the crystal wyvern looked around for them, and it's tail hit a branch of the tree, snapping it off...

Then, suddenly, all of the blue moths in the cave flew at the wyvern,

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