Draconis tales chapter 24

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Draconis tales chapter 24

"What?! Where?" Smilodon said, her sabertooth looked up from the salmon it had been eating, "near the stream, it came from a grove of pine trees" Bluefeathers replied, Lupus charged his combustion chambers and bounded towards where the rock drake had said that the yutyrannus attacked, after a few minutes he got there and saw Argent fighting the feathered beast with a trio of carnotaurus assisting it.

His direwolf growled at the creature, fangs bared, as Bluefeathers and Sabertooth arrived.

Rushing one of the yuty's carnos before it had time to react, he bit it's tail to distract it as his direwolf leapt and broke its neck with a swift bite.

Bluefeathers had been camouflaged up until then, but now she blipped into visibility high in the air before crashing down on the second carnotaur, taking it completely off guard, she bit at its head until it died, then Smilodon's sabertooth ran over the snow towards the third carnotaurus. Which turned to face the cat

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