The Shadow Wranglers

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The Shadow Wranglers

Chapter 3(2 is in jugbug)

"Ewwwww it fart on me!" Shadow complained. "Get over it, we still have 6 more to catch." Frost replied. A shadow lymantria flew past and Shadow lasoed it. "Hey shadow...." frost said. "Not now im sending this thing to the shadow realm." Shadow ordered. "Shadow.... turn around" frost said. Shadow turn around and saw it. The remaining lymantria's had formed together into a giant lymantria. "When does it ever end." Shadow sighed. Shadow pulled out her net gun and fired 5 nets at the lymantria. When the nets landed, each of them had a shadow lymantria in it. Shadow walked over and sent them tonthe shadow realm. "Well that seems to be all for lymantria, next up is manticore."


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