The house of madness

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The house of madness

Chapter nineteen: plans.

“We’ve got information that they’re back in cliffside city so we’ll need to capture them. Here’s the plan….” Marvelo began. “They went back to that city? Wow their dumber than I thought.” Peggie interrupted. Marvelo glared at her. “As I was saying…Here’s the plan. When we go their we’re going to…” Marvelo began. “Improvise?” Daniel suggested. “Scout the area and then converge and attack?” Camille suggested. “Blow up the house? Trust me I know a man…” Jaron said, pointing to himself. “Ditch al yourself members of the team?” Willow asked, shooting a look at Hailey and Jaron. “Will you let me finish?!” Marvelo snapped. “Find a new leader?” Brutus mumered under his breath to Hailey. They snickered quietly. “When we get there we will split up into teams, Brutus and Peggie, and-”

“Me and Daniel?” Willow interrupted. “No Daniel will go with Hailey, and you will go Jaron and I will go with Camille. Daniel and Hailey will bust through the side wall, Jaron and Willow will cover the back, Brutus and Peggie will take the front door, and me and Camille will take the roof. Any questions?” Marvelo asked. Hailey raised her hand. Marvelo ignored her. “No? Ok well feel free to piddle fart around I’m going.” Then he walked from the room. The room was silent. Then a loud growl came from Brutus’ stomach. “Are we gonna eat? Because if I have to wait any longer than I’m going to eat that Pegomastax!” Brutus growled. “Don’t even try it punk!” Peggie squeaked.

Turns out that Daniel was also “perfect” at cooking. He made beef ragu, filet mignot, carrot soufflé, biscuits and gravy, carrot cake, teramisu and even more delicate, delicious food. All the team members (except Marvelo) sat down at the table. Brutus duh his teeth into the skin of a steak and swallowed it whole. Then he let out a loud belch. *BUUUURRPP!* “This is good.” Brutus said. “Yeah! Isn’t Danny just so PERFECT?” Willow asked taking Daniel by the arm and dragging him into her chair with her. She shot a haughty look at Hailey. Daniel smiled exasperated and led her to a private corner away from the table. “Will, are you okay? You’ve been acting rather…strange.” Daniel said. Willow blinked several times until fake tears flooded her eyes. “Oh Danny…it’s that-that aw-awful H-Hailey. She-she’s trying to st-steal you from m-me.” Willow said. Daniel looked over at Hailey. She was sitting next to her brother, laughing and talking with him. “Her?” Daniel asked. Willow blinked her long lashes. “Ye-s you gotta be-believe m-me.” Willow begged. Daniel sighed and pursed his lips. “Will, this can’t work anymore. You’re being very mean to Hailey and I’m very surprised, this isn’t like you. I hate to say this but… I’m breaking up with you. I can’t handle it anymore.” Daniel said, then walked off. Willow stared after him shocked. She ground her teeth in anger. That Hailey stole him from her! Now Hailey would pay. Willow let a evil smile fill her face. And she knew exactly how to.


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