The Isle Of The Griffins chapter 27 pt. 2

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The Isle Of The Griffins chapter 27 pt. 2

(I have to post... I have to post...)

By Poecilotheria metallica.

Goldenbeak, still recovering from the snake's bite, glanced around herself as far as her half-dead muscles allowed. Finding In her view, beyond the hallways and the strange, broken Griffin corpses, the cell she was to be locked into. Just like the rest of the place, the dungeons seemed almost disturbingly elegant for their purpose. Twining silver, fancy locks with fancier keys and small flaming wall braziers on par with those all throughout the castle filled the atmosphere. Yet, the dungeon felt less cared-for: the silver was slightly tarnished, moss and mould didn't seem to be unaccepted, and Goldenbeak noticed her escort very readily avoiding a few of the damper flagstones like they might plummet with them into the abyss.

Finally, she reached her cell, and was tossed in as soon as the barred door opened.

The lead serpent writhed out of its corpse-vessel's slack mouth to lock the door...

Goldenbeak swore she saw the creature give a wink and nod of its head as it yanked the key out surprisingly hard, accompanied by a complaining crunch of the lock mechanism, and as the captor retreated back inside its body's mouth with the key, Goldenbeak say that it's end had become slightly mangled like it had been deliberately broken in the lock.


Goldenbeak managed to get up and move, and looked around herself, finding that, besides a few roots and mushrooms, there was a skeleton in the room.

It was Griffin, and mostly, remained intact, albeit overgrown with ivies and mosses, clutching in its dead beak a scroll.

"Hello there." Goldenbeak said of the unfortunate former prisoner.

Almost as if reacting, the slow dripping down of some thin rubble was finally enough to knock the decaying bones' beak open, spilling the scroll, which began, in urgent writing, to say "General Ke-" Before its writing had been cut off.

Goldenbeak, not too interested, inspected the lock, flipping her taloned finger through the bars to feel the other side.

The lock did feel quite damaged, loose enough she was sure that she could break it.

Her wings, perhaps for their length, were still numb to move, so she couldn't reach her knife-bag.

Instead, she looked back to the skeleton.

It emptily gazed back as she tore its leg off, then disassembled it, poking a skeletal talon into the keyhole to block the damaged lock mechanism, and then using its long femur as a crowbar, wedging it into the doorgap and wrenching it diagonally.

The lock strained, as did the bone, they fought, and it almost seemed Goldenbeak would end up breaking both, but, at last, the lock shattered, and the door, with no lock, swung away.

Goldenbeak had freed herself, and offered back most of the skeleton's leg and a jesting apology, she kept the femur, slinging it under her slowly strengthening wing. "A pleasure to meet you." She said at the skeleton.

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