The Isle of the Griffins chapter 16

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The Isle of the Griffins chapter 16

(I have returned to the Dracoverse now)

By Poecilotheria metallica.

Goldenbeak flapped over the small island, searching.

A strange cave caught her eye, or rather, it wasn't the cave that was strange, but the creature outside it.

'is that a. . . Dilo?' she thought, flying closer Goldenbeak saw that this dilo was extremely familiar- unmistakably Kรครคrme now that she saw him this close.

"Kรครคrme? What are you doing here?" She said, Kรครคrme merely chirped in response.

Goldenbeak walked into the cave, inside there was a T junction, from the left passage of which there was a flickering light.

Turning into the tunnel, she found that it ended in a small chamber lit by a candle in a sconce, in which a Griffin had tied Lolite to the ceiling with dried ivy.

The Griffin turned when she heard Goldenbeak approaching.

"Finally, I was getting worried I'd have to go to the dragon continent and cause chaos attempting to go unnoticed" Grappleclaw said, cutting Lolite free with a quick snap of her beak at the ivy ropes.

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