The Isle of the griffins chapter 15

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The Isle of the griffins chapter 15

The dilo suddenly drew open it's frill and spat a globule of acidic spit at Lolite,

It missed by about a metre but it was enough to let the griffin know someone was there,

It flapped up off the ground and circled high in the sky

'why does meeting griffins involve so much having your ribs broken?'

Lolite thought.

The griffin diving toward him at breakneck speed was the last thing Lolite saw before he heard a loud boom and passed out.

Nothing, that was the first thing Lolite could see,

followed by the griffin appearing as it lit a candle on the wall with a twig and it's beak,

The griffin was upside down, clinging to the ceiling, only, it couldn't be because the candle it had lit was upside down too.

'so I'm stuck upside down, always informative'

"Exactly who are you, why are you on this island, and why are your eyeballs bicolour?" The griffin demanded,

"Why does meeting griffins always involve being trapped and interrogated?" Lolite replied.

The griffin swatted her tail like an angry sabertooth.

"Oh, right, Lolite, travelling to Erythala with a Griffin named Goldenbeak, I have no idea"

"Wait, you know Goldenbeak?" The griffin said,


"Well that's useful I was coming here specifically to find Goldenbeak"

"Really?" Lolite asked,

"No, of course not you fool I'm sightseeing"

the griffin said sarcastically.

"Anyway, my name's Grappleclaw, also known by some as the lunatic dilo breeder"

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