The isle of the griffins chapter 14

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The isle of the griffins chapter 14

Lolite followed the trail of para blood through the jungle, in some places the undergrowth became so tangled it was barely visible,

And in others the ground had almost soaked the blood up and he had to rely on his sense of smell.

Eventually the blood trail passed the entrance of an extremely thin canyon, so small that Lolite could only get one paw through.

Hooking his claws over a rough lump on the orange sandstone of the cliff, he climbed up onto the grassy summit of the hill,

He looked to the right, checking where the canyon was, and followed it until he reached a place where the canyon widened into a roughly circular space just about wide enough for a rex to stand with it's tail tip touching one wall and it's nose touching the other.

He was just in time to see the dilo creature slip into the clearing carrying the dead parasaur, a Griffin walked out from the shadows in closest side of the pit and greeted the dilo.

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