The isle of the griffins chapter 12

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The isle of the griffins chapter 12

A dilo stalked through the undergrowth, he was a large indigo-black male specimen about one third larger than other dilos with a huge purple frill with supporting spines that stuck out about twelve inches from the membrane like some kind of crown.

The dilo saw a moschops gorging itself on berries, opening his maw, he spat a globule of potent venom.

The ball of poisonous goo struck the fat creature on the head, disorientating it,

Before it could even try to run away, the dilo sprung upon it and stabbed it's jugular vein with his oversized frill quill.

Scarlet blood sprayed over the predator's face,

he chittered in satisfaction at his success, the dilo liked this place, there were almost no other predators, which meant no raptors trying to eat him, no other dilos stealing his food, not even a single troodon around, he was theerfect apex predator here.

The dilophosaur grabbed a compy that had been sneaking towards his moschops and swallowed it whole, there were still those. . .

He grabbed the moschops carcass by the tail and dragged it away, leaving a trail of blood ove true leaflitter.

The dilophosaur dragged his kill into a canyon, just wide enough for him and the carcass to get through.


Grappleclaw sat curled up in a hidden clearing accessable only by air or a tiny canyon so small the biggest thing that could ever fit through it was a raptor, not that any of them lived on this island.

She ficked her feathered tail nervously, Käärme was taking unusually long hunting,

Just then, the bluish black dilo walked into the clearing from the canyon entrance carrying a dead moschops.

"There you are Käärme, I was getting worried you'd been eaten by compies!"

Käärme dropped the bleeding cadaver and nuzzled her feathered wing with his snout.

Grappleclaw smiled, or at least the griffin equivalent of smiling, which was blinking slowly,

She'd created several dilo types, some of which were common on Erythala now, but Käärme was the first and only of his particular breed, and definitely her favourite dilo.

"One more day finding nothing and we'll leave this island for the dragon continent"

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