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The isle of the griffins chapter 8

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The isle of the griffins chapter 8

Lolite took a deep breath, making sure to get air into all three lungs.

Then he dove




Into the dark abyss, staying near the impossibly massive body of the squid so as not to lose his way, the lake seemed deeper then it was wide, and lolite wondered how the tusoteuthis had grown so massive.

Down near the bottom, where it was pitch black but for the lights from the bizarre coral that lived down here feeding on the squid's leftovers.

Looking around, he saw the chain attached to the squid's four fins, though tiny compared to her body, they were still bigger than an average fire wyvern.

Swimming towards the chains, Lolite found himself wondering if this squid was like a crystal queen for tusos,

As he got near the chains, he saw that they must have been there since the squid was closer to normal size, over the years, they'd dug into her tail and were almost buried.

Holding onto one of the four fins with his back legs, he looked for a place where the chains were weaker, and eventually found a patch that had cracked slightly.

He tried to get it to break further by biting it, and made a very small crack, not enough,

He looked around for anything that could help, and saw a gray rock with a sharp side, grabbing it, he hit the sharp bit against the cracked chain, it cracked further. . .

Further. . .

Further. . .

And then the rock shattered into hundreds of peices, leaving the chain half cracked.

Now Lolite tried to force that bit apart with a price of coral with a convenient hooked shape, and succeeded in bending the metal a tiny bit, then he used the straight end of the coral in the small gap to force it open more,

And eventually the laws of physics applied and the whole rung snapped in two, breaking the chain that had held the colossal tuso for years.

He swam





To the surface, where the tusoteuthis was waiting.

"Did you do it" she wrote.

"Yes" Lolite wrote back.

The tuso moved, causing a small tsunami, and tried swimming upwards, crashing through the lake and terrifying another group of lightning wyverns carrying a dead megalodon.

"THE SQUID HAS ESCAPED!" One of them yelled, just before a three tonne tentacle slammed down and crushed him, the tusoteuthis dragged the others into the lake and crushed them in her beak,

Then she turned to Lolite,still having to angle her body slightly downwards just to fit in the lake, and squirted some ink and used it to write,

"Now, I will help you"

Lolite wrote "I need to find a Griffin called Goldenbeak"

"What is a Griffin?" The tuso wrote in reply,

"A bit smaller than me, four legs, two wings, a beak like yours, a long tail, and feathers like the ones on me but brown"

"I overheard the spark spitting dragons talking about such a creature in storeroom fifty" the tuso wrote.

"Thank you" Lolite wrote.

Then he crawled out of the water, and over to the corridor,

Only to find it swarming with angry lightning wyverns,

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