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The isle of the griffins chapter 5

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The isle of the griffins chapter 5

Lolite tried to get a bit further, but the lightning wyverns grabbed all of the megalodons near enough to him to touch, moved them away, and two went off with one out of the door.

'my suspicion was correct, they are planning to feed us to some horrid creature!'

the negative tiny Lolite living inside his brain exclaimed.

'we'll get out long before that happens' the positive one said.

Over the next several. . . Units of time, for all Lolite knew they could be minutes, hours, days, weeks even,

The lightning wyverns came back, each time taking another megalodon off to be fed to some monstrous creature, as his negative side speculated.

After there were no more megalodons in the room, there were three main thoughts going through Lolite's mind:


Either the creature they were feeding the megalodons to had a humongous appetite or he had been here for weeks.


His split personalities were extremely annoying sometimes.

And three, the most important.

With no more megalodons he was probably on the menu next.

As if to prove this last thought, the lightning wyverns came back, cut him down from the ceiling, and dragged him by his tail into an enormous circular chamber of bluish gray rock,

This chamber was mainly taken up by a lake roughly three hundred metres across with a massive animal ribcage, each of the vertebrae big enough for a dragon to comfortably stand on, extending into it's centre like some sort of peir or jetty.

The lightning wyverns dragged him to the end of the ribcage.

One of the lightning wyverns shot a blast of lightning into the lake, he was pulled under by a huge tentacle, and about thirty seconds later his innards floated to the top in a cloud of blood,

"She's in a bad mood again" one of the wyverns said,

The tentacle promptly came back up and ripped off her head, causing a loud POP sound as her atlas was torn from her axis.

'told you we were being fed to a horrendous monster' negative nihilist Lolite said smugly.

"Let's just get this job done, before we number only three" said one lightning wyvern,

The inky letters "don't tempt me" rose from the depths of the lake.

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