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By the way, I haven't actually cancelled Thi isle of the…

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By the way, I haven't actually cancelled Thi isle of the griffins, I'm just writing the abyss first, and before I write the abyss, I'm writing the ferox fire, but anyway, here's a "sneak peek"

Lolite struggled in his chains, "what happened?" He asked.

"We were trying to work out. . . I can't remember" Goldenbeak replied from somewhere in the darkness,

"It would appear we have been subjected to some amnestic" the crystal wyvern-rock drake said.

Suddenly a massive door swung open, flooding the dungeon with light,

And through the door walked a gigantic wyvern, or at least Lolite thought it was a wyvern.

It's wing-membranes were all but gone, and the few pitiful scraps left were scorched and shedding flakes of what used to be skin, but was now more akin to charcoal.

It's tail was scorched totally black and filled with deep cracks, and was dragging limply behind the wyvern.

One of it's talons was missing and replaced with a crudely welded on metal spike.

They were wearing metal plated armour on their head and shoulders, and through the single hole in their helmet,

Lolite could see that their bloodshot eye was clouded with ash and smoke, barely showing a strangely misshapen pupil.

And part of their lower jaw was devoid of flesh, showing a jawbone and several cracked and broken fangs.

from Behind the thing that was once a wyvern stepped three griffins, all with a gaping hole in the side of their neck showing a patch of green scales,

One eye glazed and the other malicious and serpentine.

Then the wyvern creature spoke, in a distorted, gravelly voice that sounded disturbingly like talons scraping down a metal plate. . .

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