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The isle of the griffins chapter 3

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The isle of the griffins chapter 3

"I've never seen a Griffin before, where do you come from?"

Lolite asked, "we come from the continent Erythala"

(a slight reference most people will only understand half of)

The griffin said,

"it's far away from Jheghal, the griffins fled there during the greatest war between crystal wyverns and the other species. There wasn't just the one ended by

Obsidian, Bluefeathers, Lupus, and Amethyst, over the centuries some crystal monarch or other always kept starting wars"

"How do you know about the last one so far?" Lolite asked

"We have some spies, mainly glowtails, we interfered slightly with the glowtail called Glowyrm" Goldenbeak replied.

"So, why did you come to Jheghal anyway?" Lolite asked.

"I didn't exactly come, I was brought here by the same storm that washed up all these" she gestured with her wing towards the scattered lumps of driftwood, dead fish, and other flotsam.

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