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The isle of the griffins chapter 2

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The isle of the griffins chapter 2

The strange creature's bright orange eyes suddenly opened,

It flapped and launched itself off the ground.

Then began circling at extreme speeds,

Then it dove out of the sky even faster and hit the ground with enough force to break the legs of wandering dodos fifty feet away.

The crystal rock drake was flung off his feet,

The creature flew back up again and resumed circling,

It dove back down and hot the crystal rock drake.

For a second he could see only multicoloured spots,

But as his vision cleared he could see the air was full of feathers, some were golden brown, while others were iridescent and blue.

"Exactly who and what are you?" The creature said,

"Lolite, and a crystal wyvern-rock drake hybrid"

The crystal drake gasped.

"Ok, I'm Goldenbeak, A Griffin" the creature replied.

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