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The isle of the griffins chapter 1

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The isle of the griffins chapter 1

Made by Poecilotheria metallica

(Before this I wrote Draconis tales)

A rock drake stood on a rocky beach, he looked unusual for a rock drake,

He was only about half the size as usual, and had much larger eyes,

But the most unusual thing about him was that rooted behind his head feathers there was a cluster of neon pink crystals that seemed to be emanating a slight glow.

A storm had washed up all sorts of objects from the sea surrounding the Jheghal continent.

(by the way that is pronounced Jeeh-harl)

Looking around, he saw something about thirty metres away,

It looked like not much more than a bundle of golden brown feathers, and Ichthyornis were already flocking above it.

'maybe an argentavis that died on one of the outer islands'

The crystal rock drake thought.

Walking over, he noticed there was a long, catlike, tail tipped with a brush of feathers protruding from the feathery bundle,

Running closer and scaring away the ichthyornis, he saw that it was some sort of hybrid creature,

The front half of it looked something like the body of an argentavis, but more predatory and. . . Majestic,

And the back part was similar to a sabertoothed cat but with small patches of feathers,

The whole creature was about a third the size he was.

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