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The furball is a tiny descendant of the pegomastax that lives on the twilight ARK,

As the name suggests, it resembles nothing more than a small ball of downy feathers with a pair of big eyes.

They are intelligent and live in colonies inside trees, although they appear helpless,

Furballs have some tricks that can turn the tables on predators foolish enough to attack a furball den tree;

Although it exhausts them, they can release a devastating EMP pulse around them that can temporarily paralyse and knock back predators.

Hidden under their down is a very sharp little beak that can slice through weak metals and dismantle a small tree in minutes,

And in swarms they may well reduce a predator to a pile of mincemeat before it can even react,

The one thing that they fear is the terrifying spikers that prowl the skies above.

Poecilotheria metallica

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