The second genesis ship

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The second genesis ship

The second genesis ship was a different starship to the famous genesis ship, home of such creatures as the shadowmane, noglin and maewing.

The second genesis ship had four biomes;

Desavannah, a place mimicking scorched earth, and home of the same kinds of creature, from insignificant little jerboas to the mighty wyvern.

The refrigerator, an incredibly cold region populated by Pleistocene fauna and non-augmented managarmrs that had escaped the great element corruption.

the jungle: where most of the more common and well known ARK inhabitants lived,

And the caves, an Abberation like cavern system home to drakes, and with an underwater portion for aquatic life.

Eventually this ship autonavigated it's way to a new planet called MW-LSS2-4, just right for life but mainly lacking it, the creatures and humans on the ship spilled out and migrated all over the world,

Some strange things happened when they established an existence on the world;

A certain stock of achatina developed a prodigious size, carnivorous diet, and many tentacles with needles on the tips to catch prey, as well as sprouting ten all-seeing eyeballs mounted on the ends of lengthy stalks and burying themselves under the ground.

And some wyverns came into contact with the planet's only life;

Vivite, a type of sentient colony microorganisms that collected together into colourful crystals,

The vivite quickly established a symbiosis, fusing itself into the wyvern's craniums and giving any vivite infused wyvern the ability to control a mindless caste that would turn itself into a controller wyvern if it's past controller died.

The Draconis genus slowly developed sapience

And the Vivite infused wyverns became a hive mind species, with a monarch with immense size and controlling powers.

~Poecilotheria metallica

(sorry that was a bit long, I can't quite pack all the information harvested from my all of one week long establishment of Dracoverse lore)

Seeing as this is like APP's myths in that it's unique to my particular story universe, unless there's some unlikely crossover It cannot be used for anything

and yes I write myths now.

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