The ferox fire

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The ferox fire

Chapter 4

Mischief scampered along the wet, swampy ground.

"How much further until we get to the biome master?" He called up to Death, who was swinging between the trees on strands of silk. "Well, you teleported into the outskirts of the swamp, near the separating wall, and the biome masters prefer being in the centre of their biome, so about halfway"

"It's already been two days!" Mischief said.

"Well we are both tiny, or in your case, usually tiny"

Mischief continued running along around roots and some bizarre looking flowers,

then heard an odd panting noise, looking behind him, he saw a kaprosuchus galloping towards him at full speed.

Before he could dig for element, the tusked crocodile grabbed him in it's jaws and ran away.

Mischief bit at it's snout trying to free himself, although his eight canines were sharp even when he was small

The beast had a tough hide and the bites barely made a mark.

But then a glob of sticky white substance flew from above,

Hitting the kapro in the face, covering it's eyes and glueing it's mouth shut.

The kapro, unable to see, ran into a thick silken tripline and it ended up upside-down in the canopy with it's legs tied together.

Death swung from nearby, "caught it" she said.

"Good, now how do I get out of it's mouth, you glued it shut"

"Oh, of course" the diminutive bloodstalker spat a reddish substance from her silk spouts and used on tentacle to pour it over the silk on the crocodile's snout and eyes,

The silk softened and she sucked it up for reusing later.

Mischief fell out of the kapro's mouth towards the floor far below, quickly Death shot a strand of silk and reeled him back to the canopy. "Now get away quickly before I instinctively try to suck your blood" Death said,

Mischief yelped and leapt onto a nearby branch.


Mischief woke up to find himself being bitten by what appeared to be a whole group of strange brownish flying creatures with pointed proboscis and yellow eyes.

"insect swarms" death said "are they dangerous?" Mischief asked,

"Not in groups this size, but they can be nasty in bigger swarms, we should get away before they call in more"

Swatting away several insects with his many paws, Mischief ran in the direction of the centre of the bog as Death swung overhead.

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