Dodo tales (S3 Ep6)

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Dodo tales (S3 Ep6)

Thanks if you're this far in the series.

Jerry felt metal on his arm and didn't want to look. A knife, definitely. "What do you need? I'll tell you anything!"

"How many of you are there?"

"Uh...just the two of us now. Me and the other one you captured."

"We're gonna retrieve that supposedly dead one" said someone in the crowd.

"And you're coming with us."

* * * * * * * * * *

He was led by four people from Jerry wasn't sure what to call it.

They held him close and were armed with handguns. The weapons seemed familiar, but he didn't remember ever seeing one.

"Six miles east, they told us." Said one

"You sure?" Said another

"Maybe seven."

"I'll bet you a silver coin or two, that it was six."

"That's a risky bet, considering they said seven"

"But they said six"

"Will you two shut up already!?" Yelled a third

"But I thought it was seven mil-"


"Sorry sir."

"But if it is six the-..."

"Then what?"

Jerry heard it as it whistled in the air.

It must have hit one.

"Sir! There's an arrow in-"

An arrow hit the man in the eye and he clutched his face before collapsing on the sand.

"Run!" Yelled one of the two remaining people.

They stopped in their tracks. A large pig stood in their way. "IT'S THE PIG OR THE ARROWS!" Someone yelled.

They were stuck and couldn't go anywhere, so naturally trouble came to them.

The pig ran up. "It's a daeodon! They come in packs of two!" One said as it approached.

It pushed over one of them and his screams echoed through the valley.

The last one ran the other direction and the second daeodon found him.

"HELP!" yelled Jerry as the daeodons closed in around him, blood still dripping from their snouts...

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