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Chapter 2

Zero had waited to long, no scout had come, Zero was alone. Zero needed to recharge soon, but did not have an scout to show Zero what to kill. Zero still did not know where he was, Zero tried to check the maps in the data base, but non of them knew where Zero was. Zero took a step forward, then another, then another, until Zero realized that Zero was on some kind of circular platform. All of a sudden light appeared around Zero, it came closer and closer, Zero was trapped in the circle of light, he did not want to touch the light, then, Zero was gone. Zero opened Zeros eyes, he could not see color, his vision was blue, but from the looks of the plants, the place Zero was in, was extremely green. Zero looked at the maps again, Zero was in the sanctuary, yes, that was right. Zero, still needed to recharge, so he wandered, Zero paid no attention to the animals around Zero as he couldn’t see them well and needed to recharge so Zero could not afford to be distracted. Zero was walking. Wait. Zero felt it, Zero felt the familiar hum and whisper, but it was faint. Zero followed the hum to a metal pole, scanning, scanning, scanning, it was a lamppost, Zero destroyed it. Zero found piles of element dust on the ground from destroying the lamppost, and ate them all, Zero, was recharged.

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