Dodo Tales (S3 Ep5)

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Dodo Tales (S3 Ep5)

They walked up to the place that the Dodo had marked. Jerry stomped as hard as he could. Nothing. "Ok, well maybe he is de-" Jerry almost finished, but the ground started to shake. Jerry grabbed the Dodo and threw it into the cave, running as fast as he could.

The death worm rose from the ground slowly, and moved towards Jerry. "I'm not gonna make it!" He yelled as the colossal worm approached him. Jerry thought of an idea. It was dangerous, but better than dying. He jumped backwards into the creature's mouth and down its throat. Rick stared, not understanding the point of the almost suicidal decision. The Worm looked around, sensing Rick and the bird. A horrible cry came from the beast, as it began to writhe around on its side. An unmistakable metal pike broke through it, and it screeched.

It desperately tried to stop its fate, but Jerry slashed through it and crawled out, as it lay dead on the sand. Jerry was pulling Sergeant out, who was laying there unconscious and covered in the creatures blood. "I did it. I saved the "idiot."

Rick still stared, not moving and leaning against a rock, with his eyes still open.

"Are you ok?" Jerry asked as he approached.

Rick didn't move. Jerry got to Rick and inspected him. In his leg was a little...dart? Jerry gasped as something rustled behind him.

He felt a pain in his back and then the world started spinning. Spinning endlessly. Darkening. Gone...

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