Dodo Tales (S3 Ep2)

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Dodo Tales (S3 Ep2)

It was behind them. The voice.

"I- it can't be..." Jerry trailed off.

There was no mistaking it...

It was Jerry's Dodo. Something was off however. Its eyes were glowing a dim purple.

Jerry checked his pockets. Where was the his element? Then it hit him like a ton of bricks. "Did he seriously eat my element?"

Jerry stared at Sergeant.


The Death worm exploded out of the ground and immediately hurled sergeant into the air at least 15 feet. It grabbed him and pulled him underground so fast sergeant couldn't even scream.


Jerry was cut short by a hand grabbing and pulling him with great force. "Shhh"

A voice told him. "Come with me"


The mysterious person pushed him hard into a cave. Jerry realized he only knew one person that would do such a thing. "Rick! It's you"

"Shhhh. It's still here" Rick said, starting a fire.

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