Just ONE peace tree is getting old, and innefective.

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Just ONE peace tree is getting old, and innefective.

Luckily it won't stay singular for long

*gets in a submarine and with the all-powerful magic of impossible physics actually goes into space by sailing through it's reflection in a pond that is obviously too small for the submarine.

Drives around awhile until I find the tree and shoots a harpoon at one of it's roots,

Before pulling it away on rope to a perfect planet for trees,

Adds yet another strange thing to join the ranks of the

rat-recipe and bottled eyeball,

The tree shakes a bit and grows as wide as greater London about one million and fourty two times taller than the empire state building, and a whole forest blooms around it over the entire surface of the planet, and deer, don't ask me how, but there are deer here too, -\_('')_/-




[email protected]@@@@@@@@@@@#


##@ #

#@ #

@ @

@ @

See, deer.

But anyway, the peace tree is now a peace forest, ten thousand times more effective at keeping the peace, also, the planet I put it on is pretty to look at in the summer now,

It goes pink if you're wondering.

~Poecilotheria metallica

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