Wait? Really? Where? I've never heard of badgers in America,

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Wait? Really? Where? I've never heard of badgers in America,

Not even honey badgers.

~Poecilotheria metallica




What you want to think, I planted a peace tree, you proceeded to cut it down, you plant a symbolic final contradiction tree, I show you what happens when you try to run from your problems like the whiny two year old with no knowledge of what kind of what a fool you are that you are,

I'm showing you you can't just plant a tree and everything that's ever gone wrong in your life is washed away.

If you have problems, don't just try to run from them, bear your problems,

And for @[email protected]!'s sake, admit your flaws before leaving, without pointing out what you think other people's are,

Sadly for you, I know my flaws, and those aren't them,

Mine are

taking on any challenge head on and shaking the life out of it just to see the outcome.


having practically no conscience.

Lack of common sense.(which I consider my finest trait)

And tendency to disregard people with erroneous views's intellect.

Yours judging by the data I've gained are


High self-esteem.

Inability to just let the past be the past and move on.

even greater inability to change your mind,

I could try for whole centuries to get you to admit dodos are very, very clever, and you'd just say

"Actually, You wrong, because I say so and I'm always right"

You claim to be an intellectual, but in reality you can't even modify your views, really you're just a mentally unstable infant who can't readjust to the truth just because it conflicts with what you think, one of the key necessities for being scientific, or even vaguely intelligent, is the ability to second guess yourself, which you obviously can't do.

And finally,

You won't ever admit you made a mistake, you just keep going even if it leads you deeper into the mire you created on your previous mistakes,

I both admire it and hate you for it.

~Poecilotheria's tiny annoying fraction of a conscience, now you can see why metallica finds me so annoying.

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