DTG, do you realize what you just said, if you stole your…

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DTG, do you realize what you just said, if you stole your points from the dumpster out back, and I live in the dumpster out back, considering I live in it alone. . . I must have owned those points, meaning that you stole them from me, meaning that I am the rightful owner of everything you've ever said during this argument, because YOU said so, of course, you're going to have some baseless idiotic argument like

"dodos died because they were stupid" for that too, but admit it, because of what you said, I legally own all of your arguments, of course, I'm not taking them, they

•make no sense.

•have no basis in fact.

•aren't even real arguments, they're just tripe.

•I don't take arguments from people designated RUTBAN by the intersectional enforcement of nerdness.

°somebody had better take control of the intersectional enforcement of nerdness, any volunteers? In which case, you'll probably have to be voluntees.

~Poecilotheria goawayica

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