And considering the sloppy nature of your DIY arguments…

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And considering the sloppy nature of your DIY arguments, and the fact I only got the WORST ONE, which for your information was not an argument, it was a correction of incorrect information, and if you're really picky the time I quoted a Wikipedia article, from Google, I think you know what I meant,

and by the way, NO, that's what I call you*, you may call me


Vanquisher of those who assume that not being an expert on avian neurology instantaneously qualifies one of idiocy,

Grand cake stealer extrordinaire,

Expert on historical rules of marriage,

Gifted rambler of irrelevant information,

Writer of a virtual book,

Apprentice nerd,

Grade C sarcastic responder,

Proud speaker of British English,

Outrageously bizarre,

Feline behaviourist,

Human hater,

Upper class frying pan combat master/mistress,

Obsessive polisher of tinfoil,

World's most OCD debatee,

shunner of homophobes,

Cryptozoologist and cryptobotanist of departments theorising and credibility locating,

Elite member of the PITAP society,

Universally renouned re-nouner(I take a noun, and change it),

Lover of sharks,

Expert on the mythologies and superstitions subject of the common river otter,

Lacker of typographical errors, typos to the ignorant layman,

Moderately skilled chess player,

Can tell the difference between a slow-worm and a snake,

The only Knower of the EXACT difference between a

hotdog a frankfurter and a Weiner,

Keeper and guardian of the EXACT difference between a

hotdog a frankfurter and a Weiner,

Never going to tell anybody the EXACT difference between a

hotdog a frankfurter and a Weiner,

Eater of daschunds,

Potentate of- wait, what? Eater of daschunds?

. . . Ignore that part.


Potentate of the mighty kingdom of MΓͺowland,

And almighty spouter of fur from the lungs.

I know that's more a list of accomplishments than a name, but it's the name I answer to, Poecilotheria metallica is just a short version so that when I write a first chapter it doesn't end up with a title longer than the chapter.


Also known as Poecilotheria metallica,

That one who wrote draconis tales and the unspeakably horrible story in meso section that would act as an emetic to your digestive system,

Poecilotheria yesididjustsaythatallica,

Writes stories but seems not to speak,


DTG(not to be confused with DTG),


TAP(the most satisfying fanfictioner acronym to say, tap tap tap tap, see),


Yes I did just say rock,

Yes I DID just say rock,

YES I did just say rock,


Big blue spider.











*From a logical perspective, saying something is plagiarised is therefore plagiarism due to the many times it has been said that something is plagiarised.

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