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And you stole your points from the dumpster out back. . .

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And you stole your points from the dumpster out back. . .

What I'd say if my sarcasm was that tiny, instead I'll say.

Imagine trying to seem smart and not even realising you blundered into a fake argument designed to see if you had the perseverance, foul play tactics, intellect, and stupidity to come this far, here are the statistics:


100000000, negative, nobody should persevere when it's been stated twice that the argument is over.

Foul play tactics:

-5, get some skill at cheating if you cheat so much, and stealing the last word only got you a negative point,

If you want to know how you were cheating, here are the rules:

The debate is over if all participants state that it is.

All parties must remain entirely impartial, biased information is not allowed.

False evidence on any subject is punishable by disqualification if repeated multiple times.

So you should legally be faaaar away by now, certainly with the whole "dodos went extinct BECAUSE THEY WERE STUPID"

Even though they had it easy with no natural predators, an island where they had all the food they needed, and were so massive even if a predator miraculously got over from Africa they'd be safe.

Then humans appeared, and their population went from 10,000 to 50 in approximately twenty years.

~Poecilotheria tredeci- metallica

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