DtG, don't make me tell you this just because as I have…

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DtG, don't make me tell you this just because as I have stated before that I can't help but pursue arguments until they're drained of their energy and totally empty of the essence of an argument, but.

I have literally NEVER copy pasted anything from. . . Anywhere Google or otherwise, you, on the other hand, clearly flick through the pages of a book for about five seconds, take absolute facts that can never be changed, such as

"dodos died because of human encroachment"

And took a lot of. .. to avoid escalation. . . Let's call it 'creative liberties' to make yourself seem smart.

~Poecilotheria metallica

Ps. Apologia, but I like competitive pursuits, especially ones that involve enlightening lumps of empty Brain cells.

Ps to Ps. Sorry

PPS. No, you aren't correct, the best thing to do is put everyone else in a hole first.

Ps to PPS. again, I apologize

Ppps. look, you are not a chocolate chip cookie, get bakc into the story

Ps to ppps. Not to you, that was Glowyrm trying to sneak into my mind's store of biscuits

Ps to Ps of ppps. It makes up of several large bank vaults somewhere in my right cerebrum if you're wondering.

PPS to ps of ppps. It's in my right cerebrum specifically to keep it out of range of the aforementioned gecko who lives in the right side, he must've snuck aboard a synapse

Ppps to ps of ppps. I'm weird aren't I?

Pppps. C'mon, if Storm is dead how does that mean you can't make him into a pinΓ’ta? Fish him out of the lake and stuff him!

Ppppps. NO you are not a chocolate chip cookie! Get back to the left side!

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