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Dodo Tales (S2 Ep14) season finale,

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Dodo Tales (S2 Ep14) season finale,

Sorry this season was really short.

Bright light. Peace. They had done it.

Jerry patted his Dodo. "You did it"

"We're saved!"

"I just wish Eden was here"

* * * * * * * *


Jerry cried with joy...



"WHAT THE HELL!!!!" Jerry yelled.

"A DESERT!?!??!?!?"


"Damn it, I'm alone as well!"

Something rubbed against him.

"I guess not completely alone."

His Dodo was here, but where were the others? A hand burst out of the sand.

Jerry slowly backed up.

Sergeant slowly crawled out, spitting out sand from his mouth.

"What?" He asked

"You didn't get buried in sand?"...

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