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Part Thirty Six

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Part Thirty Six

Angus' strength and size multiplied. He grabbed the Griffin and threw it on the ground. Jared ran at him, slashing and stabbing. Angus threw his fist at him and Jared jumped away. A crowd had gathered around the them. The rest of this battle didn't matter now. This one duel was the turning point. This one battle would decide the fate of all the warriors there. Jared cut a gash across his leg. Angus broke his arm. Angus slammed a huge fist into the side of Jared's head and his sword went flying. SQUILSH. The sword flew and went straight threw Angus' heart. With a new boost of moral, the tribes slaughtered the New Leigon. The battle was won. They celebrated that night, but they had no idea what was coming for them.


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