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Part Two

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Part Two

The Giga slammed its head into Jareds chest, sending him flying. He slammed his head into a rock, and as his consciousness faded, he saw a pack of dire wolves attack the giga, one even looked like it had a rider, but it had to be a delusion, right?

When he finally woke up, he was in a log cabin. A campfire sat in the middle of the room. A man sat in front of it, eating some kind of meat. He was wearing pelt armor, and then Jared realized that he too, had cloth pants and a cloth shirt. " Ah, your awake." The man said. " where am I?" Jared said. " North of where I found you. You got lucky." Jared stood up. Pain seeped through every part of his bruised body, and he fell back down. " I'm offering you a deal." The man continued as he pulled up a chair for Jared . " And if I say no?" " Then I dump you back where I found you. You help me kill that giga, and I will give you shelter and food. You could be useful, after all your one of the lucky ones."

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