The Terrible Demise of Tortuga

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The Terrible Demise of Tortuga

Chapter thirty three. (The last one)

As much as Josh wanted to help the girl, he could not. Instead he headed back for his family but he was stopped once again. “Well, well, well if it isn’t the traitor Josh swan!” A voice exclaimed. Josh spun around to see Captain Piranha. “Well, well, well if it isn’t Captain Fishy!” Josh joked. “Let’s end this, shall we?” Captain Piranha asked savagely. They both ran for each other and their sword collided. *Ting!* They were very well matched but finally Josh knocked Piranha’s sword from his hand and knocked Piranha to the ground. The old pirate grinned ludicrously up at Josh. “You wouldn’t kill you’re old Captain would ya?” Josh hesitated then helped the old pirate up. “Thanks lad.” Captain Piranha said. Then something sharp pierced through Josh’s heart. Piranha had stabbed Josh with a dagger. Josh gasped. Piranha grinned. “You’ve grown soft old boy.” Josh fell to the ground, blood soaking through his shirt. *Boom!* A bomb landed nearby. “Let’s go! We’ve got what we came for!” Piranha yelled. His crew cheered loudly. What they didn’t notice while they were celebrating was a young girl sneaking onto their boat. The pirates boarded their boat and sailed off, leaving Josh to die.

Jay was inside a building looking for more people to warn when suddenly the building collapsed around him. He was left in a tight space when little room to move or breath. “Hello?” Jay called. “Anyone there?! Anybody? Help me!” But no one was there. He was going to die. He closed his eyes waiting for a bomb to drop on the building, or for him to die. Out of nowhere a strange green light glowed from his medallion. Jay looked at it in wonder. Suddenly a strange portal like thing opened. Jay didn’t know where it lead but he decided to go in it. He slowly inched his way to the opening and then… jumped in.

“Jay!” Jack called. “Jay!” No answer. His parents were gone. His younger siblings were gone. Emma and Andrew were in the bunker somewhere. And Jay was missing. The bombing seemed to have finally ended. “JAY!” He shouted at the top of his lungs. “Hey who’s there? Turn around with your hands up!” A voice shouted. Jack raised his arms and turned around slowly to see a group of British holding rifles pointed at him. “Don’t move or we’ll shoot!” Jack held still. “Oh go ahead and shoot. We don’t need him. Probably a pirate.” One said. “Fire!” Before Jack could run they fired. The bullets wizzed through the air and struck him in the chest. There was at least twelve bullets in his chest. Yet he was not dead. His medallion began to glow blue and Jack gasped in wonder.

To be continued…

Hi, the epilogues are in daedon.


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