Draconis tales chapter 48

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Draconis tales chapter 48

They continued through the massive cavern of primal crystals,

"We should be almost there by now" Amethyst said, his purple eyes had started glowing extremely brightly from the crystal energy that coursed through the entire cavern.

Lupus looked around, the cavern was about a hundred metres wide and seemed to continue for about a five hundred,

the air was certainly less stale here, but that could be something to do with the crystals.


Amethyst Walked along the floor of the massive cave, he could feel the crystal aura all around, throbbing with energy, he could feel it building up in his primal crystals, so much that they were releasing as much power as possible to prevent themselves from exploding, only to become overloaded with even more.

All of the pink and purple in the whole cave seemed much brighter, drowning out the other colours and filling his vision.

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