Draconis tales chapter 46

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Draconis tales chapter 46

Lupus walked through the cramped passageways with the others,

All he could see in the darkness was the faint blue glow of his direwolf's eyes just ahead.

Suddenly he heard the wolf yelp in pain and a splash of luminous sky-blue liquid splashed onto the floor, in the eerie light of the liquid he could see the wolf was pinned against the floor by a large gray megalosaurus, the megalosaur's fangs were covered in the pale blue liquid, Lupus bit at the creature's tail, and it turned to face him, dropping the wolf on the ground.

Lupus inhaled all of the water in the air around him, the tunnel was filled with a distinctive whistling sound as he released the air, then he contracted the glands in his ice sac, squirting liquid nitrogen into it, opening his mouth wide, he shot a beam of supercooled mist and icicles at the megalosaur, it hit it in the arm, quickly the liquid nitrogen entered its bloodstream from the icicle wounds, the ice crept up from it's arm and across it's body, freezing the entire creature in place, as the blood froze solid in it's veins, until the entire creature was frozen.

Standing on his wings and tail, Lupus blasted it with explosive blue flames to be sure it was completely dead.

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