Draconis tales chapter 44

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Draconis tales chapter 44

They continued walking on through the caves, using Glowyrm for light now that the torch had burnt out.

Bluefeathers noticed that the caves were getting darker and darker as they went along. They barely seemed to be used by heirs, occasionally they found a dead one that had been thrown down there by the others,

but mainly those were eaten by the animals.

There was also evidence of civilisation, but not draconic civilisation,

some caves had miniscule crumbling doorways,

And inside there were relics of a tiny long-lost civilisation,

Clay pottery, metal or stone tools, and small figurines of animals, all small enough to hold in one talon,

And in some these caves there were pictures drawn in berry juice or animal blood, some depicted animals and dragons,

While others were unusual two legged creatures with willowy limbs and odd little faces with tiny noses and fur like a managarmr on top that grasped long spears or knives in their front talons and sat on the backs of animals.

"These look like the dwellings of a strange extinct creature called "humans" Amethyst said,

"I've heard stories about those" Obsidian said. "They say that they used to come to the wyvern's homes and take their eggs and raise them as their own then teach them to carry them on their backs"

"Strange" Bluefeathers replied. "Rock drakes have similar stories, and sometimes, if you go far enough into the caverns, you can find a sort of artificial caves made of wood or stone only ever a few times larger than a rock drake with things just like this inside"

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