Draconis tales chapter 42

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Draconis tales chapter 42

Inside the dark tunnels deep within the mountain, Obsidian checked how much more time her torch would last, it was already charred almost to the base, soon it would go out completely.

"What was that?!" Bluefeathers hissed, swivelling her head to listen to something, "what?" Obsidian whispered.

"I swear I heard something" the rock drake whispered back.

Obsidian listened, above the drip of water from the cave ceiling, and the quiet squeaks of bats, and the low, haunting moans of diplocaulus being torn apart by some predator, there was another noise.

Obsidian listened, what was it...

"Psst, I think we'd better hide, my crystal-sensors are picking up electrical charges from primal crystals, and they're getting closer" Amethyst whispered somewhere in the darkness.

Quickly, Obsidian bit down on the end of the branch to put it out.

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