Draconis tales chapter 41

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Draconis tales chapter 41

Searching for hidden entrances into the mountain, Obsidian noticed a patch of wall with lumps of silvery silvery gray in it, seeing the others, she said "I think this wall is made of lead, which melts at an extremely low temperature, it could join up with the tunnels on the other side of we melt it"

"Maybe" Amethyst said, "let's find out" said Bluefeathers.

Filling her flame sac, Obsidian scraped her back teeth together and a massive burst of flames exploded out of her throat and hit the wall, slowly, the silver lumps in the walls started to melt into runny shiny fluid.

After it had all melted, Obsidian closed her mouth and stopped the flames, the molten lead soon pooled into depressions in the ground.

Obsidian hit her tail against the remaining stone parts of the wall, smashing them inwards.

Behind was a dark tunnel, she could hear the scampering feet of small animals, and catch the occasional glimpse of a nearly transparent white tail or pair of reddish pink eyes, picking up a dead branch with her tail, she lit it with a small spark, in the light, she could see the unusual creatures,

albino diplocaulus with skin so pale and thin that she could see their veins and capillaries, megalania with no eyes, bats with transparent wings, and all manner of odd arthropods.

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