The Terrible Demise of Tortuga

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The Terrible Demise of Tortuga

Chapter twenty two.

Several miles away from remote Tortuga, a large ship sailed. However these were not your ordinary sailors. These were pirates. “Captain Piranha! We’ve got news from one of our lookouts!” A crew member called. He cautiously approached his captain, a tall, well muscled man with shaggy long black hair with stripes of grey running through it and a long shaggy beard the same color. His eyes were a cold emotionless grey and a scar ran through his right eye all the way down to his cheek. “Well? Don’t just stand there! What is the news!” Captain Piranha yelled. The crew member cowered in fear, as all did in front of their captain. “Are scout said that he has located Swan.” Captain Piranha spat at the mention of “Swan”. “Finally after all these years..we will catch this betrayer of our kind. Well? Where is he?” Piranha bellowed. “He’s on a remote island called Tortuga. Apparently he has “settled down” and has a wife and son.” The crew member said. “How long will it take us to get to…Tortuga?” Captain Piranha asked. “At full speed we should arrive there in two or three weeks at the least.”Piranha smiled showing his yellow teeth that looked as if he hadn’t brushed them in centuries. “Set course for it and when we get there we will destroy anyone who tries to stop us..”

A long distance away behind the pirate ship was another ship. This one was bigger,faster and was…sporting the British flag. The British were going at a deliberately slow pace. A soldier marched up to their captain who was using a spyglass to well…spy on the pirates. Their Captain’s name was Captain. Francis Hugo or Captain Shortstacks as his soldiers called him behind his back. The reason being that their captain was well rather short. “Captain Short-I mean Captain Hugo!” The soldier said. “Should we advance to the pirates and capture them? Are ship is fast enough and we have enough men to conquer their minimal crew.” The soldier asked. Captain Shortstacks smiled at the soldier’s eagerness. “No lieutenant Johnson. We will buy our time. We must wait to see where they go and then we will call in the rest of our army and obliterate their haven that they are headed to.” Caleb Shortstacks said. (Captain Shortstacks thought that Tortuga was a pirate infested island that the pirates were headed too.)

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