Dodo Tales (Ep13 S1)

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Dodo Tales (Ep13 S1)

When the others caught up, Rick went inside the cave, and Jerry and the man followed. Then, the roaring from outside suddenly stopped. "They've given up" said Jerry cheerfully. Jerry soon realized the only reason the others didn't know someone lived in the cave, was because the candles were no longer lit. Then, shock overcame Jerry when a Raptor pounced on the man. He cried out until Rick shot the Raptor in the head. The man got up, but he had deep cuts and wounds. "I can still walk" he told them. Soon they came across a metal cage holding Jerry's only pet: his Dodo. "Can you pick the lock?" Jerry asked. Rick picked up the cage and slammed it against the wall, until the rusty old door popped open. "That works I guess"

"I'm pretty sure Raptors can't build cages" Rick said angrily. "Did you know people lived here before we went in? Thanks for leading us in here, now we're probably gonna get greated with a shotgun! You're a complete idiot!"

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