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Rathalos (S2 Ep3 Pt2)

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Rathalos (S2 Ep3 Pt2)

“Easier to communicate since Hazel doesn’t understand anythin’ but English apparently.” The doedic finished. The doedic? “Names Diablo.” “Y-you c-can t-t-t-“. “Yes. He can with a collar. Now your wolf needs one so move along. Thank you for... greeting us Hazel. Riker! Come on!” Riley said. A very confused Riker followed after weakly waving to Hazel. A few minutes later they arrived in a smallish room where Rathalos was equipped with a glowing, black, collar. “This is... oddly comfortable.” Rathalos... said? Thought? Echoed? “What the..? Why..?” She said, obviously new to this talking businesses. “You’re fine, wolf. Get used to it.” Riley said. “I’ll give you two a minute.”

“So... I can talk?” Rathalos said. A slightly more confused Riker answered (quite professionally) “I guess.”

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