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Rathalos (S1 Ep8)

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Rathalos (S1 Ep8)

“Okay... Key. I need a key..” Riker murmured. She walked down the other hall and found a large room. “Wow. This craftsmanship is-“ she was cut short as a series of... were those... kaprosuchus? Rose out of the ground. Instinctively, she pulled out her gun and fired. “Phew. That was-“ another kapro lunged... Riker muttered IT as she sliced the kapro in half and turned to face 5 more emerge from the ground. Thankfully kaprosuchus were quite frail, and they all went down in one shot. She looked around to make sure there weren’t any more as she knelt beside one of the fallen kapros... its back stripe was changing colors... was this a mutation caused by the stale air in this place? Or was the stale air in this place causing her to lose it... Riker had a feeling it was both.

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